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Mobile App development is our core vertical expertise. We specialise both in Android and iOS applications delivered through Google Play and Apple AppStore respectively. Catering to fresh start-ups or established enterprises alike, we generate an immersive customer engagement for our client’s brand and support it with quick turnarounds on fixes, updates and new featured.


Apart from creating a convenient mobile app for your business, we also look to consistently boost your brand through the digital platform and offer a forward going plan for your entire online marketing journey.


Partner with us to gain maximum global traction through the expansive distribution channels available in the modern digital space. Through our unique combination of experience and expertise, we always advise you on the next steps in your end-to-end online marketing journey.


Every project at Applay starts with thorough research & intensive discussion into your idea. From there, we create the user case, business model and monetisation channel.


As soon as the core business strategies are identified, we move in wire framing, app mapping, and eventually, design, mock up & prototypes.


Our expert team of Project Manager & Engineers will start building the structures, while the Creatives works on anything Beautiful and Interactive.

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Once the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is created, we invite test users & gather user experience & kill bugs. A widely ignored stage by most design agencies, we take this seriously.


With valuable insights from built-in analytics, testers’ report & extensive QA testing, enhancement on app performance and user experience starts.


We standby our resources as you go full out to launch your app. As intensive as it can be, you can have a peace of mind that our support team will always be there for you.


We build or upgrade your website in such a way that it ensures a awe-inspiring online presence. We take you through the entire process of digital marketing, so that you can maximize social media and email marketing.

Through a judicious mix of Social Media, Email Marketing and Content Management, our action oriented approach aims at creating new business leads, igniting your brand and engaging an increased number of customers.

We have expertise in boosting the interactivity of your website by using the latest standards in HTML and Javascript. We then extend this capability with a powerful Content Management System – WordPress.


Creating awesome web frontage is an art of blending usability and like-ability. We bring you thru the journey of discovery & deliver what you really need.


At Applay, we build web with a focus on design. Created with careful attention to detail, intuitive call-to-actions & beautiful layout across different screen, we deliver likeable & engaging user experience.

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We gave your frontage a head start with all the essentials, such as Social outreach, SEO Optimisation & Organic Web Contents in one no-fuss package.


We offer comprehensive Content Marketing & Email Marketing packages, aim at creating new leads, engage visitors, and convert them to your loyal customers.

We worked with Tech Disruptors and Entrepreneurs from various industries in Singapore

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Digital Revolution is disrupting every aspect of business, from operation, marketing to customer relationship. It takes more than strategies, to make technology works for you.

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Create Your AppSpace

Fortune 500 Companies such as Coca Cola & MacDonald’s have adopted technology for as long as the mobile app exist. Why do they want to get into this space, being already as big as they are? Find out why.

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Design Meets Functionality

Your Web Frontage is the utmost importance as your showcase to the world.  We are pretty good at making the Frontage stunning across different devices, planting Call To Action at the right places & optimising your site at code level.

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